Turkish Bath

Women as well as men made use of the 'hamam' , which means 'bath' in Turkish, of course at seperate hours.

After underdressing in the dressing room area you can wrap your body in the 'peştamal' a printed cotton body wrap, before leaving the dressing room.After locking all belongings in the locker provided (remember to keep the key on his your with you) you pass in to the hot area that includes the central heating store platform. This area is called the 'hot area' and includes the large, hot stone which is surrounded by bathing basins(kurna) and private bathing cubicles(halvet).

The should first get your body perspire,either by lying
or sitting on the hot stone platform or futher perspire and rest and then, when you please, you may move to one of the basins to wash the body.

The scrub, massage and wash by the attendant lasts for
approximately 15 minutes ,while a typical person will remain resting and washing for one to one and a half hours, but there is never a time limit.


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